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Outsourcing is one of the latest trends adopted by several multinational firm is outsourcing; they outsource offered services by involving third party service providers. “Over 90 percent of the companies did not outsource HR planning, strategic planning, organizational design, and performance appraisal at all. ” (Neilson & Mark, 2003, p. 49) Most of the organizations have already adopted this tool to cut down their operating costs.

Usually this outsourcing is linked with human resources; therefore HR management has to be quite sure if they can use this tool effectively with no threat of violating organizational privacy. The Management must be careful about the matter of labor and keep trying to build smooth relation with them every now and then so that the chances of collapse may remote. As far as the multinational organization is concerned the collapse with major competitors could also be possible. It should be dealt with great sense of humor. Recommendations


Above knowledge made us realize that human resource management for a successful organization must be more communicative than the conventional command and control management style in industry. The high performance of multinational organization is lot more depend upon empowering its employees and focus on teamwork and quality of organizational culture. Selecting persons for executive positions or management personnel at the top positions is a core function of HRM; therefore candidate for these positions must possess excellent interpersonal skills to recognize performance of employees.

“There must be sufficient amount of talented managers, who are self-motivated to approach towards challenges and issues and have more than the required technical and management skills. ” (Kamoche, Ken N. , 2002, p. 52) Organizations should focus on two-way communications so that employees can input their opinions into operational matters. Training and development programs are unavoidable to update skills of employees up to standards; hence Human Resource Management should arrange such program whenever there is any need for.

These management tools will help HR mangers to optimize their human resources for achieving strategic goals. Conclusion The above can describe in several different angles to make a conclusion, but in short, it could be said that HR Managers can motivate themselves by using their sentiments with brain and use fully their skills to make strategies vivid and fruitful. Effective legalizations for HR Managers need impulsive knowledge of the structural institutional elements of their background and the same come to position their performances.

Whilst grading may appear to afford an accusative way of assessing, the grading themselves is only as better as the standards employed for grading. They could be misleading, seeming to appear that there is a purpose valid assessment process in progress, in real, it does not happen. The worth of an employee regarding equal standing with another in the group is immaterial to the progress of any organism. It doesn’t make any difference that whether a folk is the most excellent or the most horrible towards the job, the only matter is his/her complete involvement to the objectives of the organization.

The grading system can ruin the morale and faith of an organization, with the reason it is too hard to grade objectively, and employees almost disagree with such kind of grading. The cause is that many of employees think that they are well above average in work efficiency.


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