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Culture in essence, is itself multidimensional, and in this era of globalization, a thorough training on cultural competency has become an integral part in the making of a successful manager, as each industry is now populated with people belonging to various regions and culture, where the managers’ job is to culminate the potential of all of the employees into one cohesive force working to achieve the desired outcome.

On the other hand, such training modules need to be appealing to the managers, where the modules would be backed by solid theories, explicit case studies and convincing tips. With this point of view, this essay explores how the organizations can impart quality training to their managers, besides evaluating the efficacy of the established ideas on the subject with the help of case studies, before reaching its own conclusion.

Effective Managerial Training TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

If any workplace or a social environment comprises people from more than one cultural background or origin, the place turns multicultural – where there can be many differences among the members in terms of language, food habit, behavioral process, customs, religious beliefs or perceptions about various social processes.

Culture is a package of “learned and shared values, beliefs and behaviors to a particular group of people” (Yamashita, 2004) and Multiculturalism is a “Doctrine asserting value of different cultures coexisting within single society; globally, vision of cultural diversity deliberately fostered and protected” (Globalization, 2000). Handling such a situation thus commands learned skill and training. Otherwise there can be plethora of problems that can plague the companies.

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